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Summerhill House, Aberdeen

Lochaline Stores

Summerhill House is a grade B listed building in Aberdeen. The building having been damaged by fire eventually led to Daga Developments Ltd being appointed to reinstate the roof aspect of the damaged property.
Daga Developments Ltd sub contracted the roof cladding works to a contractor whom at that time they considered to be a competent contractor.

Due to concerns raised in relation to the roof works Daga Developments Ltd commissioned an independent report by RT Architectural Services Ltd to review the roof works in accordance with the contract documents, best practice and current legislation.

RT Architectural Services Ltd inspected the roof works, recorded all necessary evidence and concluded through the issued report that there were apparent shortfalls in the workmanship which was in breach of the contract, best practice and current legislation.
The outcome is currently under negotiation by the legally bound parties to further resolve their positions.